Fred Lopez is a multi-year Charlie Award winning commercial and editorial photographer based in Central Florida.  Fred has produced exceptional images as Chief Photographer for Style Magazine and Healthy Living Magazine for seven years, and has worked with several high profile clients as a freelancer.  

Fred is passionate about creating extraordinary images that transcend client expectations.  He gains gratification from developing and maintaining relationships with his clients.  He believes in collaboration in order to achieve and surpass the creative vision of his clientele.  Fred understands that lighting is key to outstanding images.  The word "photography" can be broken down to its Latin root words photo: light and graph: to draw.  He meticulously draws the light and consistently produces visually stunning works of art. 

Fred lives in the country outside of Orlando with his two cats, Butters and Nibbles.  He is an avid watch and vintage camera collector. 

publication photographer central florida
Behind the scenes look at Fred Lopez, Akers Media's Chief Photographer